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1. What is SodiumSecure?
  • SodiumSecure is a news source that focuses on Japanese news and the medium of Japanese Animation and manga.

2. Why do I see third-party ads on the website?
  • Many websites, specially those providing free information or content, depend on advertising to continue operations. Many of these sites don't have the technical and business development infrastructure to recruit their own advertiser accounts and serve their own ads. As a result, they rely on other websites, third party advertisement serving companies, to recruit advertisers and serve those ads on publishers' sites. This arrangement allows websites to focus on what they do best and save time and money.
  • NOTE: We have no access or control over cookies that are used by are third-party advertisers.

3. Who owns SodiumSecure?
  • SodiumSecure is privately owned and independent.

4. How often do you update?
  • We update weekly it depends on when news comes out.

5. Do you have to have an account to use SodiumSecure?
  • To unlock the full experience of SodiumSecure you will neet to become a Member.

6. What are the benefits of being a Member?
There are currently several benefits:
  • You'll get access to Events, Private Messages between Members, Ranks, Videos, Shoutbox, Forums, Journals and Polls.

7. What do I do if a usre is harassing me?
  • If they are bothering you through Private Messages or in the Chatroom and keep bothering you in the main forum sections, you'll need to contact a moderator for help.

8. Why is there no Contact Us?
  • Please understand that the "Contact Us" receives more questions than we can answer, so we don't have one. However we will answers questions in the Forums